James/Younger Gang Escapes - Shieldsville  LbNA # 49675

Placed DateJul 22 2009
LocationShieldsville, MN
Found By a silk hill spy
Last Found Sep 15 2011
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Recently found: Saturday, 23 Feb 2013

Third is a series tracing the route the gang followed after the Northfield bank robbery attempt.

Shieldsville 4:00 PM 9/7/1876

A warning telegraph had successfully been sent to Faribault. A four-man posse from there was swiftly formed and sent to Shieldsville coming along the south side of Lake Mazaska (where the letterbox is located.) Meanwhile the gang was coming from Millersburg along the west shore. The posse arrived first and went into Haggerty's Saloon to check for any suspicious activity and to get some "liquid encouragement"; and they abided the "No Guns Allowed On These Premises" rule leaving their arms outside. The gang arrived a few minutes later. They made inquiries of a local boy who informed them of the posse's presence. The posse was helpless. The gang rode on after watering their horses and themselves and shooting up the watering tank outside the saloon.

A few minutes later the posse was reinforced and gave chase. A few miles southwest, long-distance shots were exchanged. One outlaw fell off his horse but was not wounded. The gang rode down a ravine and into the woods. Fearing an ambush, the posse held back. The outlaws continued on towards Kilkenny.

Directions: Stop at the Lake Mazaska Public Water Access. On the "Access Rules" sign in the PWA parking lot, count the number of syllables. Walk that many steps to the east from the ramp along the shore until you come to a multi-trunked tree where the letterbox is located.