The Perfect Specimen  LbNA # 49679

OwnerMoofie & Blaze    
Placed DateAug 13 2009
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found May 12 2014
Hike Distance?

This box is located on the south side of Milwaukee. Before heading out you may want to do some further internet searching to help with some of the obscure clues. These clues are bracketed [ ] and the wikipedia reference is the one to refer to.

This letterbox is entitled the perfect specimen. We named it this because we feel it has a little bit of every kind of letterbox clue. When you find the box we hope you will “get it” It is a very easy walk and should not take more than an hour.

Start at the ever growing building named after the [patron saint of surgeons]. If you need additional information on where to start you can take your [surrey with the fringe on top] to the corner of [3cubed] and --------!

Once you find your starting point you will see a place named after the children of my mother’s, sister, a scientist’s breakfast treat and one of those Seattle coffee places. Start at the coffee place, go past the scientist’s place and past the place named after the children, towards [the father of American cavalry] secondary school. Once in front of the school you will see a sign proclaiming its official name. Take note of the year the sign was given as a gift, you will need it later.

Continue in the same direction and walk past the parkway so nice they named it twice. Remember the year of the gift? The first two numbers will be the street you turn onto. The second two numbers will tell you which direction to turn. Even is south, odd is north.

Continue in this direction and you will find a parking lot on your right. Take note and remember the number of light poles inside the parking lot. As you continue walking you will come to a bus stop. Find the route number of the bus that stops here. Now add the number of light poles to the bus route number. Even is west, odd is east. Proceed in your new direction.

As you walk in this new direction you will come to a warning sign. The sign has ____ sides and there are ____ letters on the sign. Keep “track” of these numbers as well.

As you continue, you will find one of Robin Hood’s hangouts and on your left you will find a tribute to [Aloysius Szymanski]. (check out his bio, it is very interesting and you probably had no idea) . Continue in the same direction until you see a ticket booth and a chain link fence. Keep walking until the fence turns, there will be pavement and a driveway. Across from the driveway you will see a large tree in the center of things.

Walk towards this large tree and then “down” between the trees. When you are once again in the middle of an open space, look left and right until you see the big oak tree that is definitely the elder statesman of the area. Proceed to the statesman and take a compass heading of ____ degrees. The compass heading can be found by adding the sides of the warning sign, the number of letters on the sign, the number of light poles in the parking lot and the bus route number. Take this total and divide it by 3. This will give you the compass heading you will need.

Proceed in the direction of the compass heading until you can no longer walk freely. You will then be at your destination. Take about 5 steps in and about a foot off the ground, in the trunks of the trees, you will find what you came for.

Please make sure the box is SECURELY returned to its hiding spot. Laying it on its side and wedging it under the branch seems to work best.

When you are done walk back to the pavement, turn right and then left and you should be headed back towards your car. Stop in at one of the establishments and toast your success. A hidden gem for a great burger is just south of "the kids of my mothers sister". It's name sounds a lot like a cartoon character voiced by the late Jim Backus.