For the Love of Starbucks!  LbNA # 49681

Ownerone love journeying    
Placed DateAug 13 2009
LocationBrookfield, WI
Found By SeerMeesh
Last Found Apr 25 2012
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In October of 2008 I left my home of 8 yrs to move to Brookfield in order to help my Grandmother recover from cancer surgery. It was an easy decision that left me in something of a hard place- without local friends, my own place, or even a job…

Until… there was Starbucks. In November, I was hired at a Starbucks store in the Milwaukee area. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a big deal. The people that I worked with, including the customers that I got to see nearly every day, became something of a family to me. Some of them became great friends. My Starbucks store became a home to me… a place of “my own”… I honestly enjoyed the job, the atmosphere, the attitude so much that I was surprised to receive my first small paycheck. I had forgotten that I was getting paid for having such a great time!

After my grandmother had recovered enough to live on her own, I decided to take some time to travel across the country for a few months (a grand adventure that of course included quite a bit of letterboxing!) With a love and passion for human connection that exemplifies the Starbucks attitude, my incredible boss graciously let me leave with the option of returning to a job whenever I got back. What a BLESSING that was!

As I again leave my Sbx family to begin the next chapter of my life, I wanted to find a way to share a piece of me and one of my passions with them. Thus, I created this letterbox… with a lot of love.  Fortunately, doing so also gives me the opportunity to perhaps introduce some of you to the company whose values and mission help support and create the kind of experience that I had as an employee.

I do hope you enjoy your visit to my beloved Starbucks store. Have a cup of coffee or a pastry and introduce yourself to the friendly baristas behind the counter, I’m sure they’d love to meet you! At the time this box is being launched, I will swear by our genuine customer service!

Do me a favor as well, and leave a note in the logbook about your experience there, your favorite Starbucks drink, or what you do or don’t like about the company. We at Starbucks always enjoy the feedback!!!

Oh, and while you’re there, don’t forget to seek out a special bonus box!! You’ll find the directions to it inside the “For the Love of Starbucks” letterbox. Thanks!!!

To find the location of my Starbucks store, please visit to find the answers to the following questions: *Note: if the website changes such that these questions are no longer applicable, please contact me at once and I will be sure to change them so that they will successfully lead you to the letterbox!

1. Find and read the Sbx Mission statement. It really captures what I love about this company. The number that is mentioned in the mission statement is ____.

2. Take some time, also, to read the Sbx Principles. These are the ways in which the company and all of its partners strive to live the Sbx Mission. How many Principles are there? Take that number and subtract 1= _____.

3. Starbucks’ name was taken from a character in a classic novel. How many letters are in either of the two words that make up the name of that novel? _____.

4. Check out the page on whole bean coffee. The whole bean coffees that Sbx offers can be classified by their growing regions (the full list easily referenced on the left side of the page). Excluding Specialty roasts and instant coffees… how many growing regions are there? ____.

5. In addition to Coffees, Starbucks prides itself on offering a selection of high quality teas from Tazo. A delightful twist on the typical brewed tea experience is a “Tea Latte”. According to the Sbx website, how many Tea Lattes does Tazo offer? ____.

You now have the Number address for the Starbucks at which I spent my summer happily working! Go to the store locator and search “Brookfield, WI” to find the Starbucks that proudly houses your treasure! To get the box, all you have to do is ask for it! The baristas should all be aware of its location and purpose.