OH! A LITTLE HA  LbNA # 49688

OwnerBone Yard Recorder    
Placed DateMar 21 2008
LocationFremont, OH
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Apr 26 2014
Hike Distance?

This great 2 1/4 inch carve was done by 4 LITTLE PIGGIES.

Take State Route 53 north of Fremont for 3 miles from the 20 by-pass. Turn east (right) onto County Road 103 (also known as Township Road or Brier Hill Road). The cemetery is at the end of of road back in a field. The road looks like someone's driveway and goes past their garage. There is no sign but you will see the cemetery in front of you. I know Sam and Janet who lives just beyond the cemetery. The township maintains the cemetery but Sam keeps an eye on it. As usual take your "Research" notes with you to avoid suspicion...

Eleaser Willey was the first purchaser of this land in 1835. In 1852 he sold some of it to Joseph Alexander. In 1863 Alexander sold 1/4 acre for a burying place and was to be known as ALEXANDER's GRAVEYARD. In 1875 the Broer Hill Cemetery Association of Rice Township was formed. It purchased ground next to the old burying ground, known as the Willey burying ground. So it is known by three names...

Park at the foot of the cemetery hill. It is a short walk to the back of the cemetery. Walk over to the tall headstone that has the bronze plaque at the base. This is the headstone for two Ohio Pioneers. The plaque was place here on the 100th anniversary of Albert's death, by his great grandson.

Look behind this stone, off to the left, to the newly planted tree, next to the huge old stump. Inside you will find the letterbox. Be cautious of muggles in surrounding farms...

Re-hide well, of course and enjoy your visit.