OwnerBone Yard Recorder    
Placed DateMar 23 2008
LocationFremont, OH
Found By Li'l Green Ducky
Last Found May 13 2012
Hike Distance?

Be cautious... it could be dangerous if you are not careful.

This great 2 inch carve was done by CHEROKEE ROSE.

Directions: This box is between Route 20 and Route 19 in Fremont, on Christy Road or County Road 57.

Coming from the North off Route 19, you will travel about 6/10 of a mile. You will pass house number 2255. Keep looking on the left and you will see a small plot of land with a white sign on it. The sign is an outline of a milk can. The land can be VERY MUDDY in the spring. The nearest house is number 2255 Christy Road, it is also known as County Road 57. The road is very winding and most of the property is posted NO TRESPASSING. As a matter of fact the land behind the box property is posted.

CLUES: I would not pull straight into the driveway. Instead pull over on the east side, off the road and put on your flashers. Take out your camera or notes for your "Research" in case you see a passerby.

You are at the site of the old Dairyman House. Standing at the sign, which looks like a milk can and looking toward the foundation, walk to the right of the sign and to the opening in the right side of the foundation of the old house. You will see a small pile of rocks and pieces of foundation, you will find the FINE BOVINE under these rocks.

A LITTLE HISTORY of THE DAIRYMAN HOUSE: Merton Overmyer was the dairyman of the Christy farm. His daily schedule for working on the farm was going to the barn and milking the cows, after which he would put milk in the retainer valves. He would then feed the cows and take them out into the pasture until the following day. During that time he would give the milk to the milk companies whose route was on Christy Road. He also distributed the milk to different families on the farm. Merton Overmyer moved into town during the 1970's, after he was finished with his dairy business on the Christy farm. This made him the last dairyman to live in the house.

The house in which the dairyman lived was established prior to 1907. The house had indoor plumbing for the use of water, but not for the use of a bathroom until the 1950's. The old outhouse that was used before then was located closer to Christy Cabin (south of this lot) and has not yet been discovered. These buildings were part of the farm complex purchased by Russ J. Christy. The farm was then passed down to D. Lamar Christy Sr. around 1927, passed down to D. Lamar Jr. in the 1980's. Later on D. Lamar Jr. gave Christy Cabin, along with the Dairyman's house, to the Boy Scouts of America. (My son is an Eagle Scout member of this troop) During a time while this house was empty it was vandalized by fire and now only the foundation remains. 2255 Christy road was the original Christy home.