OwnerBone Yard Recorder    
Placed DateJul 7 2008
LocationFremont, OH
Found By koalacat
Last Found Apr 13 2012
Hike Distance?

These wonderful hand carved stamps were sent to me by TAKE A HIKE CLUB:

DAPPER DUCK — active (Last found: Jul 4, 2009)
BOWDY BEAR — active (Last found: Jul 4, 2009)
SQUEEKY SQUIRREL — active (Last found: Jul 4, 2009)
OLLIE OWL — active (Last found: Jul 4, 2009)

For a county map of Sandusky County
Stop in or write:
Sandusky County Engineer
2500 West State Street
Fremont OH 43420

Directions to Aldrich Pond:
From Fremont , take Route 20 west to County Road 82 North. Drive until you pass under the Ohio Turnpike.
Take an immediate right. You can almost see it from here. Continue past the pond and boat launch area on your left. Pass the purple shuttered house with the purple mailbox post. Park on your left in the driveway at the edge of the pond. Watch for poison ivy in the path.

Starting at the sign that gives the hunting, fishing, and trapping rules and hours... count 10 posts on the orange snow fence, or about 50 yards. On your left is the first small path that leads to a fishing area. It has been washed out by heavy rains... This is where we used to bring the kids to fish. Facing the water, you will see three large trees to your left. Stand between the trees and look to the one closest to the main road. See those large rocks and a couple of sticks? Under the middle rock, the one closest to the tree, you will find a camouflage pouch containing Dapper duck, who is a fancy pants bird. He wears hats and spats, he's absurd. If you laugh he gets mad, then he acts really bad. A nice Dapper duck is preferred. Be sure to re-hide him well.

Continue back on the path, to the end of the field. You will now turn into the corner of the tree area on your left, into the corner of the pond and look for the culvert which should be to your left. Cross over the culvert like you are heading back towards the main road. Go past one large tree and notice the group of trees. Between two of these trees you cannot miss the pile of rocks, and a few sticks, and an out of place 2 X 4. Under this pile you will find another camouflage pouch with Bowdy Bear inside. He is always in trouble. He likes to make people see double. He thinks his reflection is his twin to perfection, so he's always in double trouble.

Now the easiest way to get the other two boxes is to go back out and walk along the edge of the farmers field, heading west. Notice the different animal prints in the mud? You may see raccoon, deer, ducks, a resident swan, herons and squirrels. See the break in the wooded area around the pond? Then see the single tree alone? Skip that tree as it has too much poison ivy all over it. Instead go to the next set of threes. The largest tree here has at least four main trunks coming out of the ground. Some of the tree is dead looking. Look into the center of this tree and notice the rock? Under the rock you will find another camouflage pouch containing Squeeky Squirrel who fusses and chatters, even when nothin's the matter. He puts nuts in his cheeks, then he sputters and squeaks. What does he gain from the chatter?

Now continue on the trail, through the long grasses around the back edge of this pond. Just as you enter the wooded area ahead notice the large 4 trunked apple tree on your left. Go a little past the tree and then into the base and you will avoid the poison ivy that is on the ground area to the left of the apple tree. Once you get under the right side of the tree you will see no poison ivy and the last camouflage pouch containing Ollie Owl, who is a wise old bird. She's really somewhat of a nerd. She hunts mice for the chicks, in her nest made of sticks, and hoots every time they're disturbed.

You may continue around the pond (if you brought clues to the LOCH NESSIE IN SANDUSKY box) or turn around and go back where you came from. This is a GREAT fishing spot for Blue Gill fish!

Happy trails and happy fishin'!

Hike Length: 0.5 miles