Oswegatchie Hills  LbNA # 49704

Placed DateAug 17 2008
CountyNew London
LocationEast Lyme, CT
Planted ByJohn G    
Found By NativeWoman
Last Found Sep 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Letter Box #1
Start by entering Oswegatchie Hills Nature Preserve by way of Damon Heights Rd. Start heading South by Southeast(this is where the trail starts down on the left).
Take the 1st trail on the left(look for the red marker).
Start hiking, the trail will twist and turn up hill.
Come across a small clearing with remnants of a camfire and a large rock. Stand at the campfire and face east. Look for tree with a V-shape. Look in the base of the V.

Please return when done.
Thank you- Pack 7 East Lyme Cubscouts.

Finding Africa
Letter Box#2

Continue on the Red Trail at the 4-way intersection.
Look for the Pink Trail and head east on it.
Head down into the valley and up the other side.
At the next 4-way intersection head straight ahead(look for pink arrow, northeast).
Coninue on untill you reach the Vista at the rock quarries.
Enjoy the view!
Now face south(to your right) and seek out a large rock in the shape of Africa(kinda looks like an ice cream cone).
Look inside the rock.

Congratulations! Please return when done.
Thank you - Pack 7 East Lyme Cub Scouts