Psych  LbNA # 49707 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 13 2009
LocationMesa, AZ
Planted ByShawn&BurtonS.Guster    
Found By LCAB
Last Found Jan 3 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 25 2015

One fine morning in Mesa, Arizona a young detective Shawn, and his assistant Burton S. Guster set out on a flight across a scenic view of the desert in their derigible. But their plans were interrupted when a desert goose struck one of the gas tanks and ruptured the gas line, so burton bravely went wing walking and fixed the gas line using only painter's tape and the stubborn down feathers clinging to the cabin exterior. But, alas, the blimp was still losing altitude. Luckily our hero's shawn and burton manage to shed enough weight to remain airborn. The items dropped included some russian stacking dolls(destroyed on impact, now being lived in by a family of ground squirrels) and a chest of random items which were all taken by scavenger crows except for a L.B. of course.

This is essentially saying they are lazy bums and somebody else can go find it. It is located at the end of Crismon rd. and Mckellips. Park near the curve. Head to the north side of McKellips and find the entrance gate to the trails. Staying outside the fence head west, starting from the gate you will pass 13 fence poles, 2 signs that say maricopa park boundry, and the L.B. will be hidden under a bush. Dont forget to cover it back up because this area is regularly patrolled for trash.