Harrison Road Trail  LbNA # 49714

OwnerBug Mama    
Placed DateJul 28 2009
LocationFredericksburg, VA
Found By Finn Finders
Last Found Jun 30 2014
Hike Distance?

As you enter the Harrison Road Convenience Site (5917 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407,)follow the road to the right that leads you up a hill and around to the playground. Park at the end of the road and find the paved walking path. Follow the path, turning left when you reach the gravel. Follow this path (it will become paved again) until you come to a T in the path. There will be exercizing equipment here. Follow the path to the right until you find the green covered balance beam. Turn your back to the balance beam so you face the woods. You will see an old, rotting log with moss growing on it. The letterbox is behind the log where a tree is growing from underneath it.
To find the second letterbox, face the balance beam and walk to your left. A ways down the path, look for a tree with lots of carving on it on the right side of the path. It is just before the bench that is on the left. The letterbox is hidden among the roots on the left side of the tree toward the back.