OwnerBone Yard Recorder    
Placed DateJul 4 2008
LocationFremont, OH
Found By Wizard45
Last Found Jan 8 2012
Hike Distance?

This great carve was sent to me by Cherokee Rose. Do not attempt during a busy time of the day unless you are VERY stealthy. There are office building across the street with windows that face the library.

Directions: Drive to the Birchard Public Library at 423 Croghan St in Fremont, between High Street and Arch Street. You can park in the back parking lot off High Street.

Clues: Stroll around the building to get a look at Old Betsy the cannon on the front lawn. Now take a look at the large monument.

Do you see the large BIRCHARD PUBLIC LIBRARY sign near the front wall/sidewalk? Go to the front of the sign (to take a picture of it...) On the right side (when you are facing it) are 3 small bushes. In the back edge of the middle bush you will find a kitty waiting to say hello.