OwnerBone Yard Recorder    
Placed DateMar 24 2008
LocationFremont, OH
Found By mdwalsh19
Last Found Mar 31 2012
Hike Distance?


Here you will now find 4 hand carved stamps by GRANNY BUTTERFLY .....The CONTEMPLATIVE SNOWMAN decided to take a hike I guess... or the grounds keeper showed him the way out. This is an active cemetery so take notice of the old beautiful stones and respect the property, and the dead...

You will find these letterboxes inside camouflage pouches made by COFFEE MUG. Please replace all bags, and baggies inside them and replace them well.

I tried on three occasions to make my compass work in this cemetery. I have decided to write the clues in terms of a clock. I asked other people what was wrong and heard that sometimes SPIRITS can make the compass go wacky. They were having a hay day with me on all three trips to the cemetery. At first I thought I was too close to the bell. So I stood back and tried again. I went ton to the first box and the compass was still moving all around. I called my son (the Eagle scout) and he said maybe I had too many rings on. I went to the car... took off all jewelry and tried again at the second box. No hope. I saw NO visible metal or pumps or water lines or ANYTHING! So the spirits spoke and I gave up.

Now I will tell you. you must be stealthy here, Do not attempt finds if there are others here, since it is a small cemetery and there are farms all around, and even though far away, they may keep an eye on the cemetery. You can always go to the small cemetery just down the road on the opposite side to wait.

A TRUE SUMMARY: "It is spring, but the ground is covered today and it looked like a great day for a PEAR SHAPED SNOWMAN. But the CONTEMPLATIVE SNOWMAN is searching the clouds for the 75 % chance of rain. GO GO GO is what I am going to do because now RAIN DROPS KEEP FALLIN', and so I will SEE YA LATER!"

I have written the directions, so that each time you plan to retrieve a box you will not be noticed if you stand right where I tell you to go. Look around and if you cannot see the surrounding farms, they cannot see you.

Directions to the Bone Yard: Take US 20 west of Fremont 5/10 mile from the by-pass. Turn north on CR 128 and go 4 1/10 miles. On the east side of the road you will find the bone yard.

Take a watch, since I discovered a compass WILL NOT cooperate with me in this cemetery!

Can you believe it? It was Spring,
but here I found the strangest thing.

The ground was covered with a layer of snow.
It needed to get finished so I could go.

So start at the bell and look to 10 o'clock
look for HETRICK as you start to walk.

From behind, the center of the nearest tree
you will find a PEAR SHAPED SNOWMAN, so easily.

Stand at the stone forr EMILY, ELIZA and WESLY O.
Look towards 11 o'clock and this way go.

Looking for the stone with the shaking hands,
and the hollow tree, where I had the best of plans...

to hide a CONTEMPLATIVE SNOWMAN in that little place,
He was so cute, with a little round face.

But he went MISSING, so you won't see,
any snowman hiding in that little tree.

Now look to your right for LEASER, EUGENE.
Go behind this tree so you won't be seen.

Again in the center you find the prize,
Be very careful of prying eyes.

You now have found box, GO GO GO.
So you only have two more boxes to go.

Now go stand on MOTHER REBECCA HETRICK's stone.
Look to 1 o'clock and start to roam.

Find JOHN & POLLY BLOOM, and see
behind their stone, a honkin' big tree.

Circle all around it to the Hetrick stone,
before you look for RAINDROP KEEP FALLIN's home.

This froggy is hidin in the crack of the tree,
covered with some branches, so no one will see.

Now Facing PHILIP HETRICK's stone, turn and walk
to the tall stone back there at about 10 o'clock.

See Noah and Emma's stone contains an urn.
Now to 6 o'clock, I ask you to turn.

See the cedar tree with the long tight split.
You will find "SEE YA LATER" hidden inside it.

These grounds are kept in immaculate shape.
So re-hide them all well, or these boxes they'll take.