13th Floor Elevators 2  LbNA # 49759

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateAug 1 2009
LocationCenter Point, TX
Found By Walksfar
Last Found Oct 25 2014
Hike Distance?

*** Part of my TX Musicians Series ***
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 30 yards RT)
Status: alive

The group that was to be known as the 13th Floor Elevators formed in late 1965 as a merging of members from two obscure Texas bands. The Lingsmen were a jug-oriented club band that had played with some success in the Port Aransas area, though most members were from Kerrville, and Roky Erickson from Austin, the front man of the Spades. The Elevators were an instant success in the Austin area and soon produced their first album, "The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators", widely regarded as the first psychedelic album. It's cover was unique and included their trademark pyramid-eye. Eventually, drug use and personal problems resulted in the group's breakup before they could become famous outside of Texas. This microbox is dedicated to the memory of their unique sound and is located in Center Point Cemetery where Stacy Sutherland, the lead guitarist, is buried, along with many Texas Rangers. It is a new stamp in a new location from the first box that went missing, so consider it a new find.

From Kerrville, take SH 27 south to Center Point (about 10 miles) and turn right on San Antonio Street. Go about 2 miles and the Center Point Cemetery will be on your right. Drive through the main entrance for about 150 yards and park by the grave of Stacy Sutherland on the right.

From the grave, walk further up the road for 10 steps and turn left (just before road jct). Walk about 19 steps to a multi-trunk tree behind marker for Gladys A. Huse. The microbox is within under a rock and leaves. Please replace as described.