Muddy River - no longer active  LbNA # 49791 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWest family    
Placed DateAug 16 2009
LocationNaples, ME
Found By Sojourner
Last Found Aug 1 2011
Hike Distance?

Follow Rt 302 to Lakehouse Road. Follow for almost 2 miles. There will be a small parking lot on your left, with a big pine tree that looks a bit like a cactus in the middle. Park here.
(note, the parking lot is after Gore Road and before Wipporwill Dr)

Face Muddy River, and take the trail on your left. Follow for a while, until it becomes less defined. You will be at a Hemlock directly across from a wooden fishing dock. Don’t go down to the dock.
Continue on the path for about 21 steps paces, you will come to a big tree, in the middle of a slight clearing. The tree is a big, old oak, with a few smaller trees which appear to be growing out of it.

From this tree, look to the right (at 1:00, towards Muddy River). You will find another old oak with an irregular shaped base. This one’s lower section is covered in moss and lichen. Approximately 2 feet up is a mossy hole in the tree. Look inside for the letterbox.

On your way out, walk out on the dock and enjoy the view. There are usually lily pads in this part of the river.

UPDATE 7/1/10, letterbox is fully repaired.
Update 9/6/14. Letterbox has gone missing