Hidden Boot  LbNA # 49799

Placed DateJun 18 2009
CountyNew Haven
LocationSouthbury, CT
Planted ByPack60 Rainmakers    
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Apr 13 2017
Hike Distance?

The Hidden Boot is located in Janie Pierces Park off of Transylvania Rd. in Southbury Ct. Enter the park from the parking area by the boat ramp . Turn left through the swinging gate and follow the blue trail . When you reach the grassy meadow follow the blue trail left down to the pond . After crossing the dam with the waterfall you will come to The Beaver Dam loop (red trail ). Follow the red trail UP the hill. When you reach a wooden bridge stop before crossing and look for the large boulder to your right. At the base of the tree next to the boulder you will find what you seek . Return to the trail and finish the loop . When you reach the blue trail again go back the way you came or follow it around the pond and it will bring you back to the parking lot.