Oregon Coast Tidepool  LbNA # 49837 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 19 2009
LocationRockaway, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Update ( May 25, 2013 ): Larger box in place now ( read ... it closes now ! ), new logbook to replace old one destroyed by moisture in box, lots of room for your favorite critter now.

While the Oregon Coast has many great tidepooling locations, we decided there needed to be a letterboxing tidepool as well. This is an addon box, so if you leave an occupant, drop me a line to let me know and I'll update the clue for current residents !

The Clue

Find a beach on the northern Oregon coast named akin to a New York borough. South end of the parking lot near the gate. 95 armyman-sized paces past the gate to a great place to limbo into the eastern woods. Head east across the branch filled clearing watching for an octopus generally to the north-east along the east edge of the clearing. Directly east of the octopus is a very close family of four. Check behind at the base buried in the duff.

Current Occupants

Hermit Crab by Green Armyman
Starfish by Toby
Keyhole Limpet by The Flakey Lady
Chiton by Bubbles
Octopus by Odin1
Jellyfish by SquidInky
Sea Urchin by Lionsmane
Dungeoness Crab by Waves and Waterfalls
Giant Green Anemone by Waves and Waterfalls
Sunflower Sea Star by Waves and Waterfalls
Twin Rocks by Danger Toads!
Sand Dollar by Luvs Coffee a Latte
Nudibranch by troutehole
Gooseneck Barnacle