Reed College Library Series  LbNA # 49841

Ownerthe Startled Octopus    
Placed DateAug 19 2009
LocationPortland, OR
Found By musicmeg
Last Found Feb 25 2010
Hike Distance?

Each letterbox is double bagged. The outer bag is attached to the surface of the hiding place, so open it and take out the inner bag to sneak off and do your stamping.

The last three letterboxes will require ninja-like silence, as there is no talking in the Reed library proper.

If you need help finding any of these places, ask the librarians for directions, they're very friendly!


In the library lobby, you might want to sit on top of the letterbox. Turn to the corner benches on the east side of the lobby. Check under the second cushion counting from the corner closest to the Chemistry building.

On the left of the lobby, take the stairway down. Say hello to Horton in the place where girls poo. Bend down and admire the purple polka-dots. Look under and up to find the letterbox.

Enter the library proper, and go down, down, down, into the East, and move the last rolling bookcase. Go to the hiding place behind, and check under the bottom of the shelf you rolled. The letterbox is waiting!

On the second floor, you might need to store things. Lay down and check the hidden side of locker 39.

Go the highest point of the library, where a Reedie's most important work lies. Check behind Sara Forbes's biology thesis. Make sure you put the theses back in order!