Falmouth Cemetery  LbNA # 49854

Placed DateAug 2 2009
LocationFredericksburg, VA
Found By MelJoJen
Last Found Aug 5 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 10 2015

This letterbox is located at:
Falmouth Cemetery near Butler Rd. and Carter St. in Fredericksburg, VA 22405

I would recommend parking at the Fredericksburg-Stafford Park Authority, which is located at 60 Butler Rd, just past the cemetery grounds. There used to be a sign hanging from a post next to the driveway, but the sign is now gone.

*** Permission to place this letterbox has been granted by the Falmouth Cemetery Trustees. Please be respectful of the cemetery grounds - thank you!!! ***

Begin the search for your letterbox by walking to the church façade. Proceed to the little shed across the grounds. Count the number of window panes on the shed. Then with your back to the doors of the shed, walk forward that same number of paces. You should see a single grave with an old gate surrounding it. Go to that grave. Who is here? Turn 180 degrees and face Snellings. Look to 2:00; locate and walk to the grave marker there. Who is here? You’ll read more about these two people in the letterbox. Now, to find your letterbox from here you must stand behind John DeBaptist and face the tree. Walk left past Snellings and turn right at Betty Lucas (1889-1929). Pass the gated Snellings and walk approximately 15 paces from the edge of the gated Snellings, until "S" marks the spot. Stop and look to your right. Your letterbox will be entombed in stone.

WARNING: This can be a difficult area to exit from; please use extreme caution and follow all traffic laws.