Magical Tales  LbNA # 49876

Placed DateAug 20 2009
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 5 2009
Hike Distance?

Further Adventures of Autumnrose & Butterfly Suzie

Autumnrose was catching some summer sun, when Butter-
fly Suzy settled herself onto one of Autumns' petals.
As Autumnrose said "Good Morning" she noticed Butter-
fly Suzy was Carrying wrapped packages.
"Who are those packAges for ?" she asked.
"I proMised a friend I would help her with these
pouches. WoulD you like to accompany me ?"
"Oh yes; I'd love to go with you to the post office"
replied Autumnrose.
"We won't be going to the post office, but we will
be in town."
"Then where in town will we bE going?" asked Autumn-
"I'll give you a hiNt. It's one of your favorite
places to go when you want to peruse many subjects. You
call it a magical place with multiple beginnings and
"I think I know where you mean. My favorite place is
on a one-way street that goes past Harbor Park. There is
a public parking lot situated just beyond my magical
place. From the parking lot we take the dirt path that
leads through mature trees and along the back of an oval
shaped area that has steps rising up towards this path.
As we stroll along we come upon the back lawn where there
is a beautiful, elaborate compass that is placed into
the lawn. Am I guessing correctly ?"
"Right you are" replied Butterfly Suzy, "and we'll
begin at the compass."

# 1 Look W. Along this sight line, you will see a small
metal plaque embedded into a stone. Samuel Hamilton. Sit
on the lawn behind this plaque; clumping cedars to your
left. Lean over and reach under the boughs with your left
arm; feel around the ground with your left hand. Benches
nearby to do your stamping, if needed. Replace while
remembering to appear like you are nonchantly streatching.
Scratch a bit of ground duff over everything; so there's
no revealing shine.

#2 Return to compass. Orient yourself between NNE/NE. Go
forward on this sight-line until you are at a boarder of
boulders. Reach in on left side of mature evergreen tree;
it lies up against back of boarder boulder; under thin
slab of rock.

#3 Return on the path you entered on. When dirt path
bears left; look ahead for a grove of mature cedar trees.
Find the one that has a sweep in its trunk and many twisted
roots. Behind the sweep; under the roots; is what you seek.

Warning ! This area can be very busy; you need to be
extremely aware.. many eyes may be upon you.