Twilight Series Boxes  LbNA # 49887

Placed DateAug 21 2009
LocationWashougal, WA
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Oct 10 2010
Hike Distance?

This series of letterboxes is Twilight themed. The trail will take you to one of the filming locations for the first film. Keep an eye out for props and cables left behind by the cast and crew. When we first visited this area the trees were freshly limbed and wires were suspended so that the actors could ‘crawl’ up the trees. Although vampires don’t like sunshine, this trip is best when the weather is nice. The path tends to get muddy during the rainy season.

To the trailhead: Take Highway 14 to Salmon Falls road. Follow this road left at the intersection, which turns into Canyon Creek road. After a short distance turn left on Mount Pleasant road. Turn left on Strunk and follow this past the Skamania County Fire Department, Station# 2. Continue on Strunk road until you reach a dead end with a No Trespassing: Collins Point sign on your left. The adventure begins here!

Twilight Series #5: Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest – There’s “No Parking Any Time” here, so be sure to move quick (like a vampire!). Look at the base of the nearest gate post.

To your right are two rocky dirt roads on either side of a wooden hut. Bella’s old truck wouldn’t make it down this dusty road, if you’re driving make sure to take it slow. Take the first road to your right (before the tree) and continue until you see The Meadow in front of you and a dirt road on your left – turn onto the dirt road for a few hundred feet until two maple trees stand on either side of the road.

Twilight Series #4: Bella – ‘Step up’ on the maple tree to your right. Look behind the stump that is growing in it – here you will find Bella. You can be sure Edward and Jacob are nearby keeping her safe!

Twilight Series #1: Edward – To the left of the dirt road is a rock pile. With your back to the rocks (keep an eye over your shoulder for James and Victoria) and the river on your right, Edward is waiting for you in the crook of the maple tree.

Twilight Series #2: Hold On Tight Spidermonkey – Down the
dirt road you will see a clearing – follow the path southeast toward the river. You will see a birdhouse on a tree. From this tree take the path on the right leading you toward the forest (maybe this is where the Quileute pack roams). The black barrier will part on either side of the path. Walk straight a few paces and search the nearby tree that leans toward the ‘Gorge’-ous view and Beacon Rock. Look for the letterbox at eye level – no tree climbing necessary.

Twilight Series #3: Jacob – To visit with Jacob, backtrack to the tree with a birdhouse. From here follow the path 35 paces east toward the lookout point and past the rock wall on your left. Jacob often takes a break from patrolling the forest to think while admiring the view. Venture down the stairs if you want, but Jacob is waiting near the top step hidden from view under a rock.

If you have any questions about locating these boxes, please contact me. We hope you had fun searching out our boxes and discovering this awesome view.