Apple Hollow  LbNA # 49923

OwnerThe Donut Dunkers    
Placed DateAug 23 2009
LocationPeaks Island, ME
Found By Team Peaks
Last Found Apr 21 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is missing as of November 14, 2014.
We will remove this notice when the box is replaced. Sorry.

This is The Donut Dunkers new letterbox! It replaces our Skillings Ave. box, which was wrecked by the City Mowing Crew. There is a new stamp, and it’s hidden in a different place.

Our letterbox is hidden about a mile from the Peaks Island ferry landing, and half a mile from the school.

If you are familiar with the island, go directly to the west end of Skillings Ave., and skip to the fifth paragraph of the clues.

To find Skillings Ave., start at the main gate of the Peaks Island School. Lots of the roads on the island are very nice, but you should take the nearby road that is very PLEASANT. As you walk upon your way, imagine how many deer live in the magenta shingled Doe Den, notice the little white playhouse that looks just like its grown-up house, and the brightly colored Russian Cottage nestled in the woods behind its picket fence, with a mysterious wishing well in the yard, next to the marsh. When you see a giant oak tree pushing against the road looming ahead of you, you are nearly there. Just past Bide A Wee is Skillings Ave. leading off through the woods. If you reach the stop sign, you’ve gone too far.

To find our letterbox, walk past Skillings Ave. while looking into the woods. You’ll see two gnarled apple trees, tangled with bittersweet vines, leaning toward each other. Their branches arch over what looks like an over-grown, weedy path. You’ve found Apple Tree Gate. Both trees are hollow. One of them holds the Apple Hollow letterbox. It is not hard to find.

This letterbox is on private property. The owners know that it is there, but please be respectful and treat their property kindly.

Happy hunting!
The Donut Dunkers