Soapstone creek  LbNA # 49925

Placed DateJul 23 2009
CountyDistrict of Columbia
LocationWashington DC, DC
Planted ByJamesYounger    
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Aug 18 2014
Hike Distance?

In NW DC, start off at the intersection of Albemarle St. and 29th st. go south on 29th st. about 50 yards until you come to a fork in the road with the woods strait ahead. go left at the fork and go on the path leading into the woods at the dead end. About ten yards in you should see a path at 90 degrees leading up the hill to your left, and to your right you should see the creek. keep going until you are down next to the creek on the sand. there should be a large bundle/pile of sticks in front of you on a rock. at this point you should cross the stream and find another path on the side you crossed to, which you should take, going the same way as before. keep going until you pass a large forked tree which has fallen across the stream and has the forked part facing you. A little ways after that, you will see a small segment of fallen fencing connected to a post on the other side of the stream which has been splayed out on a log. using the fallen fence as a starting point, draw a line perpendicular to the stream which crosses the stream, going up onto the opposite embankment, crossing the path which you are on, and continuing up onto the hill on your right. follow that line to your right, going up onto the hill. about ten yards up you should see the blue letterbox at the base of a large tree.