Maine Vacation  LbNA # 49946

Placed DateJul 31 2009
LocationEdmunds, ME
Planted Bysigns boxes as frog    
Found By chadwickcrockett
Last Found Aug 15 2015
Hike Distance?

This is my first letterbox so please contact me if you find it (or donít find it). I hid it during a vacation in Maine.

From route 1 in Edmunds, follow the signs for Cobscook Bay State Park. They will direct you to turn onto South Edmunds Road. Turn onto South Edmunds Road but donít turn right into the state park. Continue for about .8 miles after the state park entrance. Turn right on Landing Road at the blue sign that says Public Boat Access and park at the boat landing.

Start your search at the picnic shelter. Stand in the middle of the side facing the boat landing. See a trail heading off into the woods at a bearing of 210 degrees. It is just to the right of a faintly blue blazed dead snag. Follow this path. After 15 yards you will see a trail heading up the hill. Take the trail at 190 degrees. At the next Y in the trail, take the trail at 290 degrees. Follow this trail until you come to a bridge at an intersection. At the bridge, turn around and take 18 steps back up the way you came. You will be standing next to a blue blazed fir. Walk to the next blue blazed tree, a leaning birch. Take 16 steps further along the trail to a cedar with 6 trunks on your left. From here take a bearing of 300 degrees. You will see a fallen tree with its roots exposed, 30 steps up the hill (you may have to take a few steps to the side to see it better). Search in the roots. Your prize is hidden under a rock and some bark.