Our Hidden Gem  LbNA # 49947

OwnerFast Breeze    
Placed DateAug 23 2009
LocationDublin, OH
Found By Spirit Stone Frog
Last Found Sep 19 2009
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Our Hidden Gem

In Dublin there are many Hidden Gems, parks that just pop up along the miles and miles of bike path. Our box is near just such a park.

Head north from downtown Dublin on Dublin, Rd. Turn left onto Brandonway Dr, Emma Baily Elementary school is on the right. Turn left onto Applecross. Applecross will dead ends into Coventry Wood. Turn left. It is best to park here. You will need to go the rest of the way on foot. The entrance to the Hidden Gem, is just a few paces south of this intersection.

As you walk the path, there is a play structure, a shelter house, and basketball courts and tennis courts. Just past the tennis courts, there is a rough path leading into the woods. You will see a zigzag of four trees, just past the entrance to the woods.

Follow the path and on your left is a deep pit or valley, full of fallen trees and rocks. Across from the pit is a long rotting log and a twisted sapling. Let the fallen log be your guide and follow it to the base of a huge old stump. It is a walk of about 22-25 paces. Watch out it is muddy and buggy back here!

At the base of the stump, nested in the roots and covered by sticks and bark is your prize. The stump makes a nice work surface.

If you come by bike visit the Park and Rec website for the bike path and park map. It will make your journey to this hidden gem easier.

The letter box is very small, so bring your own ink pad, as all that is in this box is a notebook and a stamp.