Entrance to Narnia  LbNA # 49950

OwnerNational Treasure Fan    
Placed DateAug 23 2009
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By PekoeBoo
Last Found May 31 2014
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Entrance to Narnia

Those who have read The Chronicles of Narnia – especially if they read them in their childhood – often secretly wish to find an entrance to that world like the Pevensie children did. (If you haven’t read this series of books yet, I recommend reading them before looking for this letterbox.)

There is a place in north Colorado Springs that feels somewhat like an entrance to Narnia.


Part 1 – Choose whether you will take I-25 N or Highway 83 N. Each way has its own advantages and charm. If you take I-25, you will see quite a contrast between its urban feel and the woods that resemble Narnia you will be entering, and you will feel that you have truly entered a different world. If you choose Highway 83, driving through the densely treed area will set the mood to enter Narnia.

From I-25: Take the exit of a ‘Christian denomination that starts with a B’ east until you see a lane named after ‘a red furry woodland animal’ (Yes, they do live in the area). Turn left and continue to Woodmeadow Court, where you will turn left again and head uphill. You can park in the roundabout.

From Highway 83: Turn left onto Hodgen Road. Keep heading west, passing across Rollercoaster Road. You will pass by on the right a lane named after ‘a red furry woodland animal’ once and turn right the SECOND time you see it. Turn left onto Woodmeadow Court and head uphill. You can park in the roundabout.

Part 2 – Find the gravel pathway fenced in on both sides leading out of the roundabout. This is the entrance to Narnia. Now you will be leaving our world and venturing into a part of Narnia near Lantern Waste (see the end of The Magician’s Nephew). Turn south (to your left). Don’t be surprised if you should encounter a faun or a dwarf on your walk. Look to your left for two fallen logs, and locate the larger of the two. At the far end of the larger log, underneath a large pinkish red rock, you will find the letterbox. A brown inkpad is included. Carefully rehide the box under the rock, camouflaging the hiding place with pine needles and pinecones so that no unfriendly trees or dryads could betray the secret.

Edit (11/2/2010): Replaced box and put everything in a new duct-taped Ziploc bag. I hope everything will stay drier now! Happy hunting! :)

- National Treasure Fan

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