Staurolite  LbNA # 49952

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateAug 23 2009
LocationTaos, NM
Found ByChildren of the Forest
Last UpdateSep 13 2014

Staurolite is a brown to black, mostly opaque, silicate mineral. The crystals often occur twinned - sometimes in an X shape and sometimes in a right-angled cruciform pattern known as a Fairy Cross. The name staurolite is derived from the Greek words stauros (cross) and lithos (stone). Staurolite often occurs with garnet and mica. All can be found in this area. This is one of the few places in the US where these crystals can be found.

Driving Directions:

Travel 4 miles northeast of Pilar on Hwy. 68, just past mile marker 33. At this point in the big curve of the road, a dirt road will head off to the right. Turn onto the dirt road. If you are in a 4WD high clearance vehicle, you can proceed the next 2 miles in your truck. Otherwise, you will need to park along the dirt road and proceed on foot. After about a mile, you will pass a green gate. Another mile will get you to a series of clearings. Park here.


Continue down the road to the far side of the clearing. You will enter a canyon - creek will be on your left. After a few minutes walk, you will cross the creek so that the creek is now on your right and an embankment is on your left. Approximately 60 paces from the creek crossing, you will see large evergreens on both sides of the trail and a few steps farther will reveal a dirt trail up the embankment on your left. This trail up the hillside is where you can go hunt for staurolite crystals. To find the letterbox, continue on main trail/ road for another 65 paces to another evergreen on the left. Camo bag hangs on lower branch trail-side. Please make sure bag is well attached to branch when rehiding.