Beijing  LbNA # 49971

Placed DateSep 1 2009
CountyOther International
LocationBeijing, Beijing CHINA, INT
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Summer Palace
Beijing China
15km nw of city center

This is a huge park so take time to visit it.
Near the north entrance/exit you will locate
the dragon lady's white MARBLE BOAT. This is a
beautiful boat that will never move. Find the
nearest bathroom, about 50 feet away from the
boat. Stand in front looking at the restroom.
On your left will be some bamboo about 5x10 feet square.
A small rope surrounds this bamboo, and behind
it are rocks that are cemented in. In the center
area of the rocks is one loose triangle rock.
While you are here you will notice that you
are surrounded by hundreds if not thousands
of people. When you find the box, go somewhere
else to do your stamping. Be stealth when retrieving
and replacing this box.