Going Green Series #1  LbNA # 49975

OwnerOkie Travelers    
Placed DateAug 22 2009
LocationAfton, WY
Found By Boxer Lover
Last Found Aug 30 2009
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Going Green Series #1

This is our very first letterbox to place. We hope our directions are easy and fun…

Going North on U.S. 89, from Grover, Wyoming you will go 4 miles to Strawberry Creek Road. This is also known as Lincoln County Road 126. Turn right and make note of your mileage. You will pass through a small community of scattered farms. The road will make a sharp left turn and then a sharp right turn after a nicely groomed lawn and white house. Continuing on, you will come to a sign that says “Bridger National Forest”. From that sign the letter box is about 1 mile. There’s a very small bridge that goes over Strawberry Creek which is 1/10th of a mile passed the Forest sign. You will pass by the Strawberry Creek Power Plant and residence. The asphalt will end and the road will become dirt and gravel and will narrow. You will come to a place in the road which the right side is dirt and the left is a cattle guard. Continue on. On your right side you will also be following a pipeline. You will come to a large pine tree on a right hand curve. If you pass a smaller pine with a severely bend trunk…you have gone too far. All in all, you should have gone about 6.1 miles. The box is buried between two large boulders on the right in the area between these two trees. It’s covered with rocks and wood debris.

Please make sure all bags are tightly shut and replace the box in the same location.

You may have to work quickly, depending on the season. There was a lot of ATV activity while we were there.