Blooming Texas  LbNA # 49986 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 31 2009
LocationTyler, TX
Found By Mothers Love
Last Found Feb 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Go to Tyler State Park, pay your entry fee and proceed to Area 9. Park by the bathrooms.

From there, walk to the lake and take the trail southeast (that would be left, unless you took a really weird path from the bathrooms to the lake).

Walk along the path, keeping the lake to your right, until you come to a bridge that goes over a long finger of the lake. You will see a stone wall to your left.

As soon as you cross the bridge, there will be a unique sort of bench and the trail will pick up and continue around the lake - but look carefully because there are two paths, no three! One trail follows very closely by the water's edge, another follows further off the water's edge, and a third - you may have to really look for it - goes up a hill.

Stand in the middle of the largest trail, the one that follows the water's edge, but not right beside it. Look up the trail that goes up the hill and begin counting steps. Count 43-ish steps up the hill, then look right for a hardwood tree angled back toward the water with a split in it.

The box is under a rock at the base of that tree.

Please recover well.