Lost Texan in Missouri  LbNA # 49992

Placed DateAug 16 2009
LocationArco, ID
Found By Mim
Last Found Jun 29 2011
Hike Distance?

Man did we get LOST on our mego-road trip! 2 of us are Native Texan's, one is an Idahoan (doesn't that sound funny?!) however we now are living in Montana. We'd planned to drop it off in Missouri. Yet, we found ourselves in Idaho. I guess we need map reading classes!!

Headed from Twin Falls to Craters of The Moon in the road you want to find. Go past the visitors center to the next scenic over look. If you are headed towards Twin, then it will be the scenic overlook right before the visitor's center.

Go to the center and read about the Craters. From the center sign walk towards the road 12 steps. Turn 25* and go 32 steps. This brings you to the spot. Behind this, tucked under with rocks covering, you will find the Lost Texan.