Racine Zoo Series (2)  LbNA # 50002

OwnerKindred Bird    
Placed DateAug 25 2009
LocationRacine, WI
Found By speech teacher
Last Found Feb 5 2012
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Racine Zoo Series (2)

Racine Zoo is open year-round and is under $5 to enter (unless there is a concert or special even going on)
Warning!! Racine Zoo staff and keepers are unaware of the boxes, DO NOT ask them for help and BE DISCREET when finding/rehiding boxes. More boxes to follow in this series.
Box #1: Penguins
There are 6 penguins currently at the Racine Zoo; all identified by different colored wing-bands. Look closely and you can see Orange, Yellow, White, Brown, Blue-Yellow, and Blue-Green. They enjoy a habitat that is shared with 2 cormorants and back-to-back with Meerkats. After seeing the penguins, go around to the meerkat side. Close-by a ring of gargoyles guard a line of pines on the western side of a building. Behind the third pine from the left you will find this box.

Racine Zoo Series Box #2: Rhinos
The Zoo currently has 2 Rhinos: Timu (the female) and Kianga (the male). They are on display at the Land of the Giants from 9-3, and then they are brought in so that the Zebra can come out on exhibit. On your way to Land of the Giants you will pass the Racine Rotary West Safari Base Camp where campers can stay over for a Zoo Snooze. There is a large archway leading up to the camp, with planters on each side. On the left side of the arch, about waist-high is a stone plaque. Look behind that plaque for this box. Remember to be discreet!