Mountain Mist Letterbox  LbNA # 50023

Placed DateAug 26 2009
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeriden, CT
Planted ByBraemar hiker    
Found By Captain Jack and Crew
Last Found Apr 29 2011
Hike Distance?

Start at Meriden YMCA's Mountain Mist Outdoor Center entrance. Turn right onto High Hill Rd. Take first right onto Fleming Rd and go to end and enter trail through gate. Travel the rocky path up then take the blue path to the right before the junk car. Before too long the path will contain a large puddle (seems to be there all year) with a camp site to the left. Another 50 yards on will be two signature trees on either side of the path. If you counted approximately 11 blue tree markers since the car you are almost there. Look for 3 short stumps with a metal character about 50 ft to the right of the path. There you will find what you seek. After leaving a message for future YMCA campers, continue walking to the hill edge to get a look at the camp below (see the pool?).