MaMegTai's  LbNA # 50075

Placed DateAug 29 2009
LocationTorrington, CT
Planted ByPuppy Pawz    
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Jun 16 2017
Hike Distance?

These boxes are at Burr Pond. Take the road to the Burr Pond Boat Launch from Winsted Road. After you pass the site of the first Can Milk Factory, Park in the next turn off on the left, before you reach the Burr Pond State Park There is a green gate that you must go around. Check for a plywood bridge on your right that spans the stream. Go across the stream, and yes the plywood holds up. Keep to your right, passing a large rock, and again on your right will be a leaning flat rock. Directly to your left is a large tree, the first box is behind the tree. You have your unbrella for your drink !

Go back to the main trail and continue on. You will come to short stone walls on either side of the road, go right into the woods, and you will find some cut stumps, between a large cut stump and a fallen tree you will find your box. Now you have a straw and an ice cube !

Continue on the main trail and you will pass a clearing. At the fork in the trail, stay straight and you will see another stone bridge with 2 trees directly behind the stone wall on the left, walk up the trail to the next tree on the left and directly behind this tree, you will see some rocks with a small evergreen growing next to it. Under the rock is your last box. A glass for your drink, fill with your favorite beverage and enjoy !!