Humdinger  LbNA # 5008

Placed DateJul 29 2003
LocationWellston, OH
Found By Harris family
Last Found Oct 17 2010
Hike Distance?


Difficulty: easy
Terrain: moderate (short but steep)
Date placed: 7/29/2003
Placed by: Pack Rat (her first box to call her own), Bigguy, CardinalMom, & Trail Buddy

*** Alive and well as of 4/20/2009 ***

This whimsical little stamp is Pack Rat’s first box of her very own to plant. She (age 10) is most anxious to see who will visit it and what stamps they’ll stamp in her logbook. Please bring a stamp pad (box does not have one) and come to the Lake Alma State Park outside Wellston, Ohio. To get there, take S.R.#93 north from Wellston and turn onto S.R. #349 just outside of town. S.R. #349 will lead you a couple of miles out past the water plant and across the dam that forms Lake Alma. (You’d never guess that 100 years ago the island had an amusement park and interurban trains brought people from Columbus and elsewhere to relax here!) After you cross the dam, the park loop road turns off to the right past the park office and the swimming beach. Make your way to the Old Pine Nature Trail which is across the road from the second swimming beach. Hike up the trail until you reach the second water bar (treated 4x4 placed across trail to divert water.) The trail is quite steep and I imagine very slippery after being rained on so be careful! We don’t want any Purple Hearts awarded here! Stand on the second water bar and take a bearing of 204° and go about 6 paces (1 pace = 2 footfalls). You should be standing beside a very long fallen log about the point where the roots of a smaller fallen tree lie next to it. Look under these roots to find our little humdinger. Please email us at if you find it and tell us how it’s doing. Pack Rat will be so excited.