The Winds of Change  LbNA # 50090

OwnerMadam Dragonfly    
Placed DateAug 30 2009
LocationFloydada, TX
Found By fubsyene
Last Found Jul 27 2010
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The Winds of Change

The box is located in the area of the Whirlwind Wind Farm on the edge of the Caprock.
These turbines have always intrigued me. They are massive! I am just beginning to learn a little about these giants that grace our horizons.
I wanted to dedicate this box to these graceful machines.
I love to come down here and just watch them rope the winds. I never liked the winds here but now that it's doing some good for someone I can enjoy it more.
Thanks for letterboxing!!

CLUE: You will make your way down Hwy 97. Go 8.6 miles east off hwy 207. You will begin to see the turbines of the Whirlwind Energy Farm. Don’t take the curve but go on straight toward the turbine that appears to be in the middle of the road. You will come to a four way stop. After stopping continue on to the east. You will see a larger tree just off the road on the north side no too far from the stop signs. Pull over on the side and walk down through the road ditch to the tree. The box is on the ground under a few good sized rocks. Enjoy and hide well when you've made your stamps. As always in this country please watch for critters. Some bite and some sting!! They don't like intruders!!
If you get time while in the area stop by and visit Caprock Canyon State Park and head on down hwy 86 to Turkey Texas to grab another of my boxes.