Knowledge Takes You Anywhere!!  LbNA # 50094 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateAug 30 2009
LocationYoungstown, OH
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Last Found Sep 29 2009
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Knowledge Takes You Anywhere!!

The Little Red School House

Established in 1858 was the schoolhouse for the Western Reserve. It is one of the oldest schoolhouses still standing today.


Route 224 runs East to West. From the East turn right onto Stuthers Rd. From the West turn left on to Struthers Rd. The parking lot entrance is the first drive to the right. Park in the lot.
Walk up the red brick sidewalk to the front of the schoolhouse. You can see in the windows and there are hours of operation during special Poland events. This is maintained by the Poland
Historical Society.

Locate the flagpole along the red brick walk. You will se a paver under the flag with the enscription:

In Memory o
f Lt. Colonel Matthew E. Haley
US Air Force

Turn around and look slightly left you will see a marble cornerstone of a very lovely garden. What you seek is under the yew partially covering the marble cornerstone.
Rehide carefully that is does not fall down into the deep hole next to it.

Enjoy the history of the beautiful little town...