The Dinosaur  LbNA # 50106

Placed DateAug 31 2009
LocationPassaic, NJ
Found By Momma Jeanne
Last Found Nov 25 2009
Hike Distance?

Enter Third Ward Park at the Broadway Avenue entrance. Follow the road until the Playground and stream are on your left. Stop. There will be a yellow, metal fence on your right. Walk around the fence to the other side. Go to the fence post that is farthest from Broadway. Bend down. Find a gap in the concrete below the fence, a little to your left. It should be covered by some fallen tree branches and sticks. Uncover it and there you will find “the Dinosaur.”

**On our last visit we were unable to retrieve the box as it had been pushed very far into the hole under the road. It is there, however, if you want to attempt to retrieve it. ( You'll definitely need a flashlight and you may wish to bring something long with a sticky end or grabbing arm.)

***The box seems to be unretrievable. Sorry!