Literacy Letterbox  LbNA # 50124

OwnerEE Librarian    
Placed DateSep 2 2009
LocationGreensboro, NC
Found By Puffin People
Last Found May 10 2012
Hike Distance?

Begin your journey in Price Park off New Garden Rd. Before searching for the letterbox, notice the features of Price Park such as the bird and butterfly meadow, wetland creek area, meadowlark sanctuary and nice hiking trails in the woods and by the ponds.

To locate the letterbox, travel up to the Kathleen Clay Library. In the library you will find a clue. Look in the 712 area of the adult book collection. What is that subject? Look for that area near the library. Once in that area, look for a place to put mail and find the letterbox. You will find out interesting facts about Price Park. Take the time to explore the park and the library while you are here.