Buffalo Daze  LbNA # 50130

Placed DateSep 1 2009
CountyLa Crosse
LocationHolmen, WI
Found By Tatanka1
Last Found Apr 9 2012
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“Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam
Where the deer and the antelope play
Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.”

Although the buffalo are now only a memory, there is a little piece of heaven in La Crosse County well known to rummage salers in the spring, ball park visitors in the summer, duck hunters in the fall, and ice fishers in the winter. This is a place rich in Native American history, and it is a place where farms fields still sprawl between widely-spaced neighborhoods. Red-winged blackbirds perch on fence posts and hawks soar over marsh and field in search of prey. Coyotes yip in the dark of night. This--my very first letterbox--is a tribute to the hundreds of bison that once inhabited this lovely area--an area which I am proud to call home.

From the old highway which runs between Sunfish and Kornfest territory, there are two routes “onto” this land. (If you are an out-of-towner who is already clueless, it wouldn't take long for a nearby business employee to get you on the right track.) Take the southern-most route onto E-I-R-C-B R-R-A-I-I-P-E. (NOTE: At this point you may drive the rest of the way or park at the bottom of the hill and continue on bicycle.) As you head OUT (not up), the road will lead you past an old white barn which grandpa used to occupy. What were once red sails are now red pines. In order to find lots of lots available to build a house in a place that shares its name with Elrond's home--a field where corn and soybeans once grew--be sure not to turn your back on the water. If you see gentle waves lapping the shoreline in your rear view mirror, then you have missed a critical left turn. Continue traveling along the shoreline route. If you’re lucky, you might see a floating flock of white pelicans.

You will eventually come to a stop in a cozy area, where you will turn left and continue along until you see a wide spot in the road. Pull off to the right and park about three quarters of the way down.

It is said that Abe Lincoln got his start in life splitting rails, and this is where you will get your start on foot. Look for some of those Abe-like rails, and walking between them, let them lead you down toward the water’s edge. As you approach the lake, be sure to pause a moment to appreciate the tranquil setting and breathe in the fresh air.

Find the forked giant at the water's edge. Look over your left shoulder. Move 10 steps in that direction. You will find the treasure in a most likely spot. Please be discreet, respectful of neighbors' property lines, and re-hide the box well as there are curious children living nearby. Be sure to register your find on http://www.letterboxing.org/.

Good luck!!

NOTE: The walking portion of this route is less than 50 yards round trip, therefore, it is very accessible to humans and canines that may be physically unable to walk long distances. Don't forget your bug spray!