Holliday Park - Stars 'n' Stripes lead the way (JD  LbNA # 50133

Placed DateSep 1 2009
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Planted ByDuckie & Show Ponies    
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Nov 24 2010
Hike Distance?

This letter box is located in beautiful Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Road in Indianapolis, IN. You can park in any of the parking lots; the north lot is closes to the Nature Center. Start by enjoying the Nature Center or find the letter box and return to enjoy the Nature Center.

If you are ready to find the letter box head outside the nature center and go to the ruins which is located south west of the nature center. Find the three large cut lime stones at the east end of the ruins. (Why three stones and why lime stones?) Read the stones from left to right. Where does this writing come from and what does it mean? Take the path to the right around the ruins. Start by heading north and count all of the small trees just off the right of the path.

(If you made the full circle around the ruins and back to the three large stones, how many trees did you count? Why that many? What are they symbolizing? (Hint: Something on the flag has the same number and symbolizes the same thing.)

As you walk around the ruins you will come to two statues find the one with the head, it’s the second one you come to, and it’s on the south side of the ruins. From the statue take a reading of about 65⁰ and head toward the pole where the stars and stripes wave. Stand at the base of the pole where you see old glory flying and take a look at 180⁰ or directly south. You should see a bench by a group of trees, head to it. At the bench take a reading of 90⁰ or east, you will be looking between two trees at a tree. The letter box is in the tree about 40’ from the bench. It is located in the branches five to six feet off of the ground in between the tree branches. (Do not go to the large tree slightly to the right of the 90⁰ reading.)

Please stamp yours and then stamp ours or right a little note if you like. Place everything back in the container and put it back as you found it. Good luck, and have fun!