CavyCritter's Duck Pond  LbNA # 50135

Placed DateSep 1 2009
LocationChamplin, MN
Found By GypsyLou
Last Found Apr 29 2011
Hike Distance?

When I was little enough to ride in a wagon, my mom would pull me in the wagon down to this pond to feed the ducks bread. Maybe you would like to feed the ducks, too, after you find what you are looking for.

This box is rather easy; it's a short walk. Beware of the goose poop - don't wear your favorite shoes, just in case. :)

Start at the intersection of Gettysburg Ave. N. and 123rd Lane (Bungalows of Champlin). Turn onto 123rd Lane and park your car anywhere along the road (except in front of the fire hydrant), farthest down if you don't want to walk a lot.

This is where the hunt begins! Walk east past the fire hydrant to Ensign Ave. and 123rd Lane, and Office Unit 27 sign. Stand by those two signs and face south. Walk directly south for approximately 70 steps towards the Champlin watertower. Once you have counted 70 steps, turn to your right (west) and spot an opening with sister trees joined in a jumble with the pond in the background. The bank's exit sign points to this opening. There is a group of three trees to your left that are ideal for placing a letterbox. At the base, under the twigs, leaves, and bark, is your treasure!