Tin Lizzie  LbNA # 50157

OwnerBoots Tex    
Placed DateAug 31 2009
LocationMarshall, TX
Found By Gohillysgo
Last Found May 7 2013
Hike Distance?

It has never been proven that Henry Ford ever said, "You can paint it any color, as long as it’s black" but the phrase has survived for 3/4 of a century and does indicate something about America's beloved Model T: its "steadfastness," its enduring and endearing "sameness." The first production Model T Ford was assembled at the Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit on October 1, 1908. Over the next 19 years, Ford would build 15,000,000 automobiles with the Model "T" engine, the longest run of any single model apart from the Volkswagen Beetle. From 1908-1927, the Model T would endure with little change in its design. Henry Ford had succeeded in his quest to build a car for the masses. With the development of the sturdy, low-priced Model T in 1908, Henry Ford made his company the biggest in the industry. By 1914, the moving assembly line enabled Ford to produce far more cars than any other company. The Model T and mass production made Ford an international celebrity.

Directions: From the intersection of U. S. 80 and U. S. 59 in Marshall, Texas, go east on Hwy. 80 for 5.9 miles to a historic roadside park on your left. The Texas Highway Department launched its Roadside Park Program in 1933 (although a few parks predate that time) to provide safe places for motorists to relax and eat during their travels. This park on U. S. 80 in Harrison County was built in the early 1940’s and features stone masonry picnic fixtures and entry columns. Pull in and park. Be sure to read the historical marker.

To the Box: While facing the marker (brown with a white star), look straight past it to a lone pine tree at the west edge of the park. The box is at the base of that tree under a chunk of concrete and covered with twigs and pine needles. You can stamp it any color, as long as it's black.