The Bison's Revenge  LbNA # 50218

OwnerThe Dancing Corgi    
Placed DateAug 26 2009
LocationCuster, SD
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 24 2013
Hike Distance?

This is in Custer State Park, off of Highway 16 A in the Grace Coolige area.

For this box you can walk or ride your bike, but we strongly recomend that you ride. The park rents out bikes just down the road if you did not bring yours.

Leave from the Coolidge picnic area, riding north on the bike path. Cross two wooden bridges and pass the state park office.

Continue over the board walk and lookout. Ride/walk down the hill and look for a row of large rocks along the right side of the trail. Go to the next telephone pole on the left side of the trail.

Face the pole and turn 90 degrees to the left, walk 12 paces then turn 90 degrees to your right. Walk up the hill to a dead stump. Look for the box under a log and a rock in the back of the stump.

If you rode your bike we suggest that you ride to the end of the trail , the Coolige campground. If you do you can coast almost the entire way back.

Contact the placer with the status of the box at

The first person to find this box will find a surprise inside.