The Sunday Gulch Trail  LbNA # 50222

OwnerThe Dancing Corgi    
Placed DateAug 20 2009
LocationCuster, SD
Found By M&MGirls
Last Found Jul 7 2011
Hike Distance?

Go to Custer State Park, then to Sylvan Lake.

Follow the trail that goes around Sylvan Lake to the Sunday Gulch Trail, which starts on the trail of which you are on. You should start on the head behind the big giant rocks, this will make your hike much easier and more pleasant. The rocks by the head were also featured in National Treasure 2.

Follow the trail down the stone steps by the waterfalls down to the gulch. Once you are in the gulch, count the number of times you cross the streams, begining with the log crossing. The third crossing should be over a large culvert pipe.

Continue on to the seventh crossing whick will be a small trickle of the creek. From the seventh crossing walk 19 paces on the trail. You will see a large tree across the stream on your left.

Turn to your right and look up for a large rock wall. Climb up the hill to the large rock formation and look for a pine tree on your right.

Look for a low, moss covered formation on the other side of the tree. Facing up the hill, next to the tree, take five steps up and turn 90 degrees to your right.

Look under the small rocks for what you seek.

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