Wildlife Hike (Rugged)  LbNA # 50224

OwnerPainted Pony    
Placed DateSep 4 2009
LocationMillston, WI
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Mar 23 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is in the Black River State Forest. You will start your hunt from the parking lot on Smrekar Rd. (off of HWY O). This takes place on the "Ridge Trail" which is actually pretty rugged so we suggest that only more serious hikers attempt this. This hike is about two miles one way.

The stamps in these 4 boxes are handmade by Painted Pony and were planted by Mic The Irish and her on their little escape from the 9 to 5. Please contact Painted Pony if you have trouble finding the boxes or if they need attention. paintedpony@meanded.com

The Ridge Trail starts with two other trails (Central and South). You will stay on the Ridge Trail the entire time.

At the first fork on the trail, you will see a sign that says 'Central/Ridge' and 'South'. There is an arrow on the Central/Ridge section that points to the left. Follow the direction of the ARROW and gaze into the woods. Now walk that direction for 35 paces. You will see three trees growing very close together. In the hollow at the base of these three trees hides the Raccoon. (Please re-hide this carefully!)

Get back on the trail and go up the Central/Ridge Trails where they travel together. Follow the Ridge trail when they split off. Soon you will come upon a sign for the Ridge Trail. Stand directly behind the sign and look up the hill. Walk 30 paces and you will see a tree with a fallen comrade leaning against its base- pointing towards the trail. Underneath a log at the base of the tree lives the salamander. (Again, please re-hide it carefully)

Staying along the trail, you will climb a hill. At the top of this hill, you will find yourself in a ravine or small 'canyon'. Towards the far end of it, on the left, you will find a leaning pine with it's exposed roots hanging over the edge of the ravine. The proud buck views his kingdom from here. Within the roots of the two smaller trees behind the pine hides the letterbox. Climb Carefully and please hide the box carefully.

You will now continue on the trail for quite some time. Stay on the trail and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! Soon you will find yourself on top of the ridge. The trail will climb and curve. Soon you will come to a trail map with a bench (we needed a little rest here). Stay on the trail as it continues up the ridge. Keep moving forward as another trail will join you on the left. At the top of the ridge the trail narrows. Stop at the bench that you will find shortly after the trail narrows. Look out over the forest below. Perhaps a red-tailed hawk will fly by. Rest for a moment and then continue on the trail for 10 paces. On your left, behind a pine tree is a small, rotted wooden ground perch for our red-tailed hawk. (Please re-hide carefully!)

Thank you for searching for our letterbox! Please let us know what you think.