Residential Roaming  LbNA # 50231

Placed DateSep 6 2009
LocationTampa, FL
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found Mar 8 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 18 2015

Residential Roaming

This is the first of many boxes. This box is routinely checked and maintained. The box is placed on box friendly soil. Please feel free to contact me about any condition issues or concerns.

Begin were Sheldon ends and Memorial begins. If you had wings you would land in the direction of the airport, as the crow flies. There is a street light not too far from your prize. Right on this 'river the waters are calm'.
On the right is a road just one more street ahead. Beginning and ending with an 'S'. This avenue runs you straight to the prize. On the left side of the road you will see an even number. There was an oak just off the street, the stump, boxed in by its own flesh. In this box you will find another. Underneath a potted fern you will find this stash.

Please reseal and replace how the box was found. Be careful of Muggels to ensure this box sticks around.
Happy hunting! (Scroll down for hint)