Cute as a Button  LbNA # 50243

OwnerThe Bunny Clan    
Placed DateSep 7 2009
LocationTroutdale, OR
Found By Troutdale unicorn boxers
Last Found May 13 2015
Hike Distance?

In honor of the newest little letterboxer in our Clan, we decided to place our very first box.

Location: Kiku Park in Troutdale
Kid Friendly, Stroller Friendly (was placed with a stroller rider)

To the box:
Behind Kiku Park, a brick trail leads to a wooded area. Follow the path into the woods (East) until it splits into three paths. You will see a tree slightly to the right in the middle of the three paths. Using the tree as a starting point, follow the middle path for 34 paces. Stop and look left of the path (roughly North), there is a tall tree that has a big protrusion on its east side as it goes into the ground. It is approx. 6 paces off the path. On the non-trail, North side of this tree you will find the Cute as a Button box on the ground by the base of the trunk under wood pieces and brush. (As an additional note, it is also 18 paces from the fence where the path ends.)

Let us know if you run into any trouble (or if the box has!). Aw heck...we'd also love to hear from you if you DIDN'T have any trouble and found it.