Texas Route 66  LbNA # 50247

Placed DateSep 4 2009
LocationGlenrio, TX
Found By Bloomin' Gramma Jo
Last Found May 30 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJul 24 2016

Walk difficulty: very easy
Walking distance: short
Stamp hand-carved
Status: alive and well on July 24, 2016

This drive-by letterbox gives weary travelers a chance to stop and stretch their legs after a long drive on the interstate. From I-40, take Exit 0 and drive to the south side of the interstate. Turn left on the wide frontage road. This is historic U. S. Highway 66. Drive about 0.4 mile to a cluster of three moderately small trees on the right side of the road. This cluster has a small steel post on its southeast side.

The box is under the south side of the largest tree. It is covered with a rock and some plant debris. Be alert for snakes.

Please please be sure the contents are double ziplocked when you put them back in the box (i.e. the stamp is in a ziploc, the book is in a ziploc, and the two are in the larger ziploc bag), and put all of it INSIDE the box. Please rehide the box well under the rock and plant debris so that it can not be seen from any direction.

I will not be able to check on this box; so, please let me know if you find it, or if it needs attention or is missing:


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