The Duke-Sequim  LbNA # 50273 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerConnecticut Croaker    
Placed DateJul 14 2009
LocationSequim, WA
Found By Me&MyDogs
Last Found Apr 20 2010
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The Duke-Sequim

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Almost a driveby

This box is located at the John Wayne Marina in Sequim. The main building is reported to have various John Wayne memorabilia. Including a shingle from the roof of his childhood home.
This is a very conspicuous area. Best time to go is in the morning or evening. Please do not make your way to the tree from the street even though it is closer, it will draw to much attention if the Rv'ers notice you. Please use STEALTH!

Clue: Park in the south parking lot. Walk to the ramp leading down to the beach. There is a red no shellfishing sign next to the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp bear right along the beach making your way over the rocks and barnacles. Shortly you will come to a pine tree close to the beach. At the bottom of this pine behind the largest rock lies "The Duke".