'Shroom  LbNA # 50289

Placed DateJul 5 2009
LocationMarshall, IN
Found By IsaGeoEve
Last Found Jul 9 2011
Hike Distance?


Pick up a trail map and find the punch bowl. As you leave the bowl follow the trail on your right going up a slight incline and following the stream. You will come to a hard left with the rock face to your left there is some fallen trees on the corner and a nice little natural path to take you up to the ledge. Looking at about 3-4 ft from the ledge you will see an opening that was just tight enough to slide and wedge a camoflauged medicine bottle . Inside you will find "shroom. Beware of numerous and incidious muggles.

Seasonally may not be available d/t walking up creek path. I took the extreme off of this because I was educated that since no rappelling, flying out of perfectly good aircraft was involved, that it didn't qualify. The ledge is somewhat thin and you are about 8 feet off the ground so please be extremely careful. I want no boxers injured in this quest!