The Epic Rescue Adventure of Snail.  LbNA # 50321 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCoffee Break    
Placed DateSep 11 2009
LocationShoreview, MN
Found By Bug Bug & Boo Boo
Last Found Aug 14 2010
Hike Distance?

**Sadly, someone took it upon themselves to murder [remove] Frog, Bee, and Snail as they were no where to be found. Please enjoy the story and pray for them and the adventure which was to be had. It really was a great adventure.**
-Chill Bump 04/23/12

The Epic Rescue Adventure of Snail.

Snail Lake Regional Park is located in Shoreview, MN. (North on Lexington from 694. Take a right on Co. Rd. F. Go about 3 blocks and head to the “lower” entrance.)

Trail length: 2 miles

Start out at the back of the lower level parking lot. Look to the south east and you will see where to begin the EPIC RESCUE ADVENTURE OF SNAIL! Enter the tunnel of wonder and continue forward to enter the enchanted forest.

As you continue on the path in your search for Snail, you will come to a “T” in the road. Take the high road to the left. In about 77 paces you will be presented with the option to depart the enchanted forest or continue on the quest for Snail. If you have courage and endurance, turn right. As you continue on the trail, take heart. No matter what the obstacle may be, we will find Snail!

As you weave your way through the enchanted forest, ALAS, a clearing! Notice the stunning white Aspen tree on your left! But wait, we got so distracted by it’s beauty that we missed the quiet conversation of a Friend! Starting at the Aspen, backtrack 22 paces and notice the adjoining twin trees on your left. Look behind to find Snail’s first Friend!

Frog gave us no direction, so let’s continue on our quest down the path. Maybe this is a good time to take a break on one of the two benches on the right. Let’s conserve our energy after having gone ½ mile. When you’re ready, let’s continue.

OH NO! Another crossroads! But wait! When we put our noses to the wind, we think we smell the sweetness of honey! Go right!

Up, down, and around, the path goes until we discover a secret stairway on our left! Go up 3 stairs to the clearing and we hear a faint buzzing sound to the right behind a huge tree that reaches over the path. Find Snail’s second Friend waiting behind the tree.

Well, Bumble Bee was no help. Let’s go back to the path and continue our search!

It seems the whole forest is weeping for Snail! Pass the weeping willows on your left and continue. You will pass another exit from the enchanted forest, but stay strong. Continue right. As you weave your way down the path and around the path, reflect on the kindness of Snail. We’ve GOT to find him!

We’ve come to the last chance to give up on the search for Snail to the left. But wait… You notice a blue streak on the ground straight ahead! Could it be the markings of Snail? Let’s find out. Continue straight on the path. After 15 minutes of searching high and low along the path, we come to a bench on the left. Have a seat. After we’ve just about given up hope, look to your right from where you’re seated and you will find a tree with a nook that’s the perfect size for our long lost Snail! Did we find him????

WE DID! Congratulations! You found Snail!

To find your way back home, continue on the path to your first paved left. Follow that back through the tunnel of Wonder, and the Epic Rescue Adventure of Snail is completed!

Happy day!